DoT sent packing by Parliament | Infrastructure news

Being un-prepared and having inaccurate information ensured that the Department of Transport (DoT) was sent packing by Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Transport.

Dikeledi Magadzi, the Chairperson of the Committee says, “It is unacceptable that members would be given wrong information. Once the information is in front of the Committee it becomes a public document and officials should not compromise the work of the Committee by giving them the wrong information.”

Adding that, officials need to take their work and the Members of Parliament seriously.

The DoT had come to present the Committee with its first quarter expenditure, but started by apologising for errors in the statistical information. Members of the Committee then voiced their displeasure at this and Magadzi urged the DoT’s Chief Finance Officer, Collins Letsoalo, to both monitor and quality assure his work before presenting it.

Stating, “The officials should not correct things in front of the Committee. Members do not accept this document as it is structurally flawed.”
No date has yet been set by the Committee as to when the Department of Transport is next to appear in Parliament.

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