Bridge poses risk to motorists | Infrastructure news

Severe structural damage was caused to an East Rand overhead bridge crossing the N12 freeway near Eldorado Park when a heavily loaded truck exceeding the permissible height restrictions hit the top structure.

Ismail Vadi, Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport says, “Three precast concrete beams have been severely damaged as a result of the accident, rendering nearly half of the bridge completely unsafe. This is yet another example of freight trucks not abiding by the load and height restrictions, causing untold damage to our road infrastructure and creating serious risks for other road users.”

An accident assessment report from a bridge engineer has raised serious concerns about the structural safety of the bridge.

Vadi says, “Our primary concern right now is the safety of road users on the freeway and on East Road as the bridge has been declared unsafe. The left lanes on East Road and on the N12 will have to be closed until the bridge has been repaired.

“This unfortunately will cause traffic congestion and inconvenience to motorists but safety comes first.”

Strict speed restrictions will apply as the N12 freeway from Eldorado Park to the North West boundary is currently undergoing rehabilitation. The freeway maintenance works will be ongoing for the next 12 months.

The Kliptown bridge, as it is commonly known to local residents, was constructed in the 1960s and serves as a critical link between Kliptown, Eldorado Park, Nancefield Industrial and the nearby informal settlement.

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