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First National Bank in collaboration with vehicle financer WesBank, has released an FNB App solution that will assist customers with their car maintenance needs, including license disc renewal.

The new platform allows users to renew their licence disc by scanning the disc with their smartphone and paying for the renewal using in-app payments.

“Car owners in South Africa would appreciate the support of services that make vehicle ownership easier and keep them safer on our roads. The nav» Car solution makes navigating the roads that much simpler for our customers by addressing several pain points through access to a range of features and solutions via the FNB APP,” says Jolandé Duvenage, CEO and Chief Imagineer, nav››Car.

The smart application accroding to FNB and Wesbank will also provide customers with the ability to navigate their financial journey and provides new smart tools that will help manage their life in a simpler manner.

“The application includes quick and easy garage management – through the scanning of your licence disc or manual entry, a user can manage all thier vehicles in one useful place, as well as an On-road PROTECT, which assists in Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims and tyre repair assistance due to pothole damage.”

Fines and e-tolls

FNB said it is working with a third party to provide the licence renewal service, adding that outstanding traffic fines will prevent licence renewals in the same way as they would should the disc holder renew it themselves.

“E-tolls have not been integrated into the system at this point,” said FNB.

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