New acting CEO appointed to Transnet | Infrastructure news

Tau Morwe has been appointed as acting Group Chief Executive at Transnet with effect from 1 November 2018 to 30 April 2019. 

Transnet hopes that Morwe’s appointment will assist in strengthening and consolidating its governance procedures, adding much-needed impetus in ensuring that state-run institutions are well-governed and serve the people of South Africa.

With 17 years of service at Transnet Morwe brings to his new role a wealth of experience in ports, freight and transport.

Transnet experience

During his tenure at Transnet Merwe has served as chief executive of three Transnet divisions, namely National Ports Authority, Freight Rail and Port Terminals.

He also spearheaded South Africa’s quest to improve the country’s port system for more than a decade, including establishing and entrenching Transnet Port Terminal’s strategic role within Transnet as the division’s first Chief Executive.

Board experience

Morwe has served as a board member of several entities, including KwaZulu-Natal Trade and Investment, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Agriport Partnership.

He is a BA Economics graduate from Howard University in the USA and also holds qualifications from the National University in Singapore.

Subsequent to his departure from Transnet in 2015, he has served extensively as a transport and logistics consultant in South Africa as well as on the rest of the continent.


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