5-in-5: Your monthly good news round-up in 5 minutes | Infrastructure news

Here’s another dose of Infrastructure News latest positive news to come about from the month of July.

Gauteng waste reclaimers collect 700,000kg of plastic initiatives

A group of about 50 Gauteng-based waste reclaimers have reportedly collected 700,000kg of plastic recyclables and covered more than 20,000km in almost nine months. The reclaimers earn a living collecting, sorting, and selling kerbside waste and help to divert millions of tonnes of paper and packaging waste away from municipal landfills.

Nearly 10 000 jobs saved as NEF approves over R1 billion post-unrest business relief

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF), in partnership with the dtic and the Solidarity Fund’s Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund (HCRF), have approved in excess of R1 billion for the recovery of affected SMMEs and together have saved close to 10 000 jobs, says CEO Ms Philisiwe Mthethwa.

Nelson Mandela Day – Infrastructure News stories dedicated to the 67 Minutes promise

3S Media’s Infrastructure News team has compiled a list of original stories that have been published in our printed magazines namely IMIESA, Water&Sanitation Africa and ReSource which have a positive impact on the country and its people.

Everything you need to know about Ramaphosa’s energy action plan

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a set of new emergency measures to deal with South Africa’s current electricity crisis. During his address on Monday night, Ramaphosa compared the energy crisis to the battle against Covid-19 and urged South Africans to do their bit by installing solar power, avoiding illegal connections, and using electricity.

Nelson Mandela Bay Business sector ramps up water-saving initiatives

The business sector in Nelson Mandela Bay is ramping up its water-saving initiatives, helping to accelerate the repair of leaks, and supporting humanitarian efforts as the dams supplying the metro continue to dip to historically low levels.

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