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A new chapter has unfolded in the earthmoving equipment industry where two giants in the sector are cooperating to supply a thriving wheel loader brand and keep up with demand.

Due to the keen pricing, low operating costs and extreme reliability of the Lovol range of loaders the company has awarded multi-franchise supplier, ELB Equipment, with dual distributorship rights alongside Dura Equipment’s established sales and service outlets.

The move will be mutually beneficial and provides the importer with the opportunity to tap into new markets through ELB’s vast distribution network, among the largest of its type in southern Africa. It at once provides ELB customers access to a value based loaders that easily go toe-to-toe with the premium brands in terms of durability, reliability, productivity and cost-of-ownership.

Sensible partnership

ELB Equipment CEO, Desmond van Heerden, says the distribution agreement is a match made in heaven. The companies have a nearly half-century long relationship and share similar outlooks with the emphasis on customer service and building lasting relationships. Staff cultures and ethics are aligned and as an added bonus the companies’ headquarters are less than ten kilometres apart.

Mature supply chains exist for the distribution of machinery and spare parts which are easily integrated to provide customers of either company with the same equipment, parts and service at a guideline for pricing. The biggest advantage for customers is of course having a Lovol wheel loader outlet nearby for sales, services, spares and support wherever they are in the sub-region.

The machines have become somewhat of a sensation in the earthmoving community due to their performance in the field in mines, construction, industrial, quarrying and agricultural operations. Evidence of this can be found among company owners who report consistent cost-of-ownership savings of about 40% over comparable brand machines including fuel, parts and servicing. Added to this the capital cost of the Lovol machines is up to 30% lower than premium competitors.

Proven record

Dura Equipment CEO, Ben du Randt, says the Lovol wheel loaders are well proven in the field with more than 500 in operation, many of which are in back-breaking applications such as chrome and iron ore with specific gravities well over the three ton per cubic meter mark. Despite this the company has not had a single frame loss nor have any cracks been recorded on the Lovol machines.

This is a superb reflection on the quality of the machines considering that many of the early machines already have clocked close to 33 000 hours which ELB is used to with the best of breed philosophy they adopt. Thanks to the low cost of ownership and exceptional performance of the machines it is unsurprising that the Lovol’s also have among the highest resale values and are in demand wherever and whenever they become available.

Due to the outstanding performance of the Lovol machines in southern Africa Dura Equipment has become an integral part of Lovol’s manufacturer due to the tight specifications it demands and the level of feedback and initial customisation required for the equipment in South Africa. As a result, the South African specification machines have become the standard for countries with tough operating conditions such as the USA and Australia.

Factory representation

“We have full time onsite representation from Lovol to provide technical backup and to relay information from local operators to constantly improve and develop machinery to suit local requirements. This kind of cooperation underpins the commitment of Lovol to our customers and shows that from Lovol’s side they are prepared to change and modify their plans to suit the South African market.

“Post-Covid markets demand value for money and this is evident in our orderbook going forward. There is equal excitement among ELB Equipment’s sales staff and we expect that the numbers of Lovol wheel loaders brought into the country will have to be radically adjusted in order to keep up with skyrocketing demand.

“Our agreement with ELB Equipment places Lovol equipment on a different level and means that we can safely send our machines to far-flung places and remain confident in the knowledge that they will be supported quickly and efficiently no matter where they are. We will also be able to offer ELB Equipment’s telematics systems with all loaders sold,” says Ben.

Unbeatable value

Desmond concludes that the Lovol wheel loaders fit the company’s Best-of-Breed philosophy and opens doors for customers to become more profitable. “Lovol wheel loaders are, in my opinion, the best machines money can buy right now. We have keenly watched our friends at Dura Equipment Sales grow the brand and succeed in the face of nervous times due to the economic downturn and more recently during Covid.

“The brand’s warranties underpin the confidence in Lovol equipment and its reputation speaks for itself. As a supplier and friend of Ben going back more than 35 years now, working together finally fulfils our long-held desire to work together and make a difference in an industry that has been our bread-and-butter for so many years.

There is a lot of synergy and passion among us and not only as far as the Lovol product. Dura Equipment has been selling our machines on a similar basis for a number of years now and there is the highest level of trust between us with the end result being better products and better service for our customers. As a result, with new stock arrivals and machines on the water, we are encouraging our customers to place orders now.”

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