Johannesburg Water says water infrastructure in recovery after outages | Infrastructure news

A power failure at the Eikenhof pump station on Sunday resulted in the depletion of Rand Water’s reservoirs levels, leaving some at a 0% storage level.

The bulk water supplier has been struggling with low levels at its reservoirs since 9 January. 

On Monday, Johannesburg Water said infrastructure was in recovery.

It added it was monitoring “severely constrained reservoirs and towers” impacted by the recent power failure at the Eikenhof pump station. 

Johannesburg Water infrastructure was faced with several challenges, including an increase in water demand due to the heatwave, as well as Stage 6 load shedding.

Although some of their critical sites are exempted from load shedding, the Entity is managing this through backup systems. However, their towers are taking a strain. In order to maintain a steady water supply, they have urged residents to observe Level-1 water restrictions and reduce consumption.

Level-1 water restrictions prohibit the use of hosepipes between 6 am and 6 pm, and the use of hosepipes for paved areas and driveways. Customers are encouraged to use grey water to irrigate or water gardens, wash cars, or clean driveways.

Water-saving tips:

• Do not leave taps dripping
• Shorten your showering time
• Reuse grey water to water your garden
• Harvest rainwater

Johannesburg Water will continue to monitor the water levels and communicate any new updates.

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