Micromine Unveils 2024 Release: Groundbreaking AI and ESG Innovations Transforming the Future of Mining Technology | Infrastructure news

Micromine’s 2024 Release showcases AI and ESG innovations, reinforcing the company’s unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements in the mining sector. Dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology, Micromine introduces a host of new features and improvements across its entire product suite, aligning with its mission to redefine the industry’s technological landscape.

Kiril Alampieski, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Micromine, underscores the company’s dedication to supporting global exploration and mining success by addressing evolving client needs. Alampieski emphasises their focus on innovation to integrate technology seamlessly into operational workflows, minimising data errors, and overcoming productivity bottlenecks. The release leverages Micromine Nexus, the company’s cloud-native data sharing, and collaboration tool.

Two notable features introduced in the 2024 Release are Micromine Origin Copilot and Micromine Geobank Panorama, enhancing the company’s exploration solutions. Origin Copilot, a groundbreaking feature, employs cloud-based AI to revolutionize geological and resource modeling. Alampieski describes it as an AI ally, augmenting conventional resource estimation methods and providing geologists with increased confidence in their models. The AI capabilities will extend beyond grade modeling to other features within Micromine Origin and the broader Micromine ecosystem.

Geobank Panorama, another feature enhanced by AI and cloud computing, streamlines the creation of seamless down-hole images from drill core imagery, automating a traditionally labor-intensive task.

The 2024 Release also brings updates to Micromine’s three mine planning solutions. Micromine Alastri enhances battery-electric haulage modeling for robust decarbonization strategies. Spry evolves with additional tools and visualisation for modern coal and soft rock mine planning, facilitating better understanding and communication of mine data. Micromine Beyond introduces pit optimization and materials management capabilities, boosting confidence in life-of-mine planning.

Micromine Pitram, the company’s mine production, control, and fleet management solution, sees significant improvements. These enhancements simplify shift progress tracking, provide valuable insights, and reduce time spent on data extraction and manipulation.

Dr. Alampieski emphasises that Micromine’s 2024 Release is forward-thinking, delivering precise outcomes for today’s mine planners. The company remains committed to pushing technological boundaries, assisting users in effortlessly overcoming complex challenges. Looking ahead, Micromine continues to evolve its next-generation mining technology, ushering in a new era of data-driven success.

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