Zutari shares the vital role of roads | Infrastructure news

We cannot imagine a world without good roads. Roads allow land-locked farmers to access global markets. It enables regional neighbours to trade seamlessly across borders. It connects cities hungry for expansion.

By Willem Davel 

Zutari believes in multimodal, interconnected transportation networks that enable more choice, improved safety, and increased efficiency. For such transportation systems to be effective, a strong backbone of good roads is needed.

Our user-centered approach to sustainable road design considers not only vehicles, but all kinds of users, including pedestrians and cyclists. It asks us to consider how roads interface with other modes of transport like rail, sea and air. It challenges us to respond to rapidly changing technologies that are redefining what future-fit roads should look like.

Rural access roads, highways, urban arteries, system interchanges. We understand that these different types of projects present their own unique challenges. Sometimes its environmental sensitivities, sustainability and earthworks. Other times its physical constraints, the presence of existing utilities and constructability. Our broad collective of highly skilled specialists work across all these types of road infrastructure.

The investment required to create new road infrastructure is substantial. That’s why we like to work with our clients to maximise the performance of their existing assets. Our work ranges the full lifecycle of a road. From planning and concept design stages to detailed design, construction, and ongoing maintenance.

Grounded in digital engineering, we apply the latest digital technologies in our processes: digital visualisation and traffic simulation, intelligent transport systems and road management systems.

Our roads expertise has been acknowledged through various industry awards. We invite you to partner with Zutari to engineer connections to a better tomorrow.

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