ANC Alleges Deepening Crisis in DA Leadership Amidst Waste Collection Scandal | Infrastructure news

In the aftermath of a special council meeting regarding a waste collection report in Cape Town, the ANC has accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of being a party in crisis. The meeting, closed to the public, revealed a report implicating a senior City official in the breakdown of waste collection services in Cape Town townships.

According to the leaked report obtained by the Cape Argus, the official, without delegated authority, spearheaded the creation of an “in-house” waste collection model. This model allegedly led to the non-collection of waste in certain townships and resulted in legal action against the municipality in the high court.

Banele Majingo, ANC caucus leader, addressed the media in a press briefing after the closed-door meeting, asserting that the report’s findings were just the surface of a more profound systemic issue within the DA. Majingo highlighted previous scandals, including the MyCiTi bus scandal, collusion with private developers, and fraud and corruption in the housing directorate.

Majingo argued that the entire DA leadership in the City of Cape Town should be held accountable under Section 76 of the Municipal Systems Act, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive investigation. He accused the DA of neglecting poor communities, leading to uncollected waste and squalid living conditions.

Citing specific examples, Majingo claimed that communities like Langa in Zone 20 were enduring dire circumstances, with people living amidst raw sewage. He contended that the DA failed to treat township communities as equal citizens entitled to health and sanitation rights, attributing the recurring issues to the party’s insufficient budget allocation for township populations.

The ANC leader called upon both the provincial and national governments to initiate an independent investigation into the alleged failures in service delivery, corruption, and malfeasance within the City of Cape Town.

In response, DA Chief Whip, Desiree Visagie, declined to comment on the confidential report, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the Council Code of Conduct and respecting the Speaker of Council’s ruling on the matter. The ANC’s allegations underscore the growing challenges faced by the DA in managing municipal affairs, particularly in the critical area of waste collection services.

Source: IOL

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