How Did Yesterday’s Elections in South Africa Unfold? | Infrastructure news

South Africa’s elections have always been a cornerstone of our democracy, and yesterday marked the most significant elections since 1994. For many, voting is not just a privilege but a profound responsibility.

Despite various challenges, this year’s election turnout was notably high. East Coast Breakfast provided a summary of the events across the nation. In KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), there was a significant surge in voter participation. According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), KZN was one of the provinces experiencing a large number of people eager to cast their votes, a heartening sign of civic engagement.

However, there were some logistical issues. Voting stations nationwide had to call in counting officers earlier than planned due to the high turnout. Additionally, the voter management devices (VMDs) experienced glitches throughout the day.

Turnout for this election is expected to surpass the 2019 vote. ECR NewsWatch reported, “Turnout in Wednesday’s general election is expected to exceed the previous poll in 2019 when 66% of registered voters participated,” according to IEC chief Sy Mamabolo.

Tensions flared at Durban City Hall, where IOL reported that some voters, not registered to vote at City Hall, attempted to cast their ballots but were denied due to not applying for a Section 24A vote, leading to heated disagreements.

Despite the challenges, including long queues, the IEC ensured that all voters in line by the official closing time were allowed to vote. One ECR listener reported being in a voting queue until midnight.

IEC Chief Electoral Commissioner Sy Mamabolo confirmed that there were no plans to extend the voting to a second day. “We have no plan for a second day of voting. We’ve never entertained such a plan, so voting will happen until it concludes, and until everybody in the queue is given an opportunity to vote,” he told EWN.

These elections, with their high turnout and logistical challenges, highlighted the commitment of South Africans to their democratic process.

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