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M1 Bridge collapse

Grayston Bridge inquiry to resume this month

The M1 Grayston Bridge inquiry will resume on 26 September after it was postponed in August last year. The inquiry seeks to establish the cause of the collapse of the M1 pedestrian and cyclist bridge on 14 October 2015, which resulted in the death...
M1 Bridge collapse

M1/Grayston Drive inquiry postponed

The sitting of the M1/Grayston Drive Pedestrian and cyclist structural bridge collapse inquiry that was scheduled for end of March has been postponed. The Department of Labour announced that the proceedings that were scheduled from 27 March 2017 to...
M1 Bridge collapse

Did couplers collapse the bridge?

The M1 Gayston Drive bridge collapsed because of material failure and an inability to withstand the force of the wind. This was the testimony by an expert witness at the inquiry this week. Prof Roelof Mostert, head of the department of material...