Beaufort West Aquifer project comes online | Infrastructure news

Tap imageThe Gift of the Givers will on Monday unveil its Beaufort West Witperd Aquifer Development Project which is expected to bring much needed water online for the drought stricken town.

The project will see two million litres of water pumped from new aquifers into the Gamka Dam pipeline and onwards into the town’s water reservoir.

Beaufort West has been one of the towns hardest hit by the unprecedented drought with the majority (80%) of the town’s current water supply coming from 32 boreholes after the Gamka Dam, which is the Central Karoo town’s main water source, dried up earlier this year.

The humanitarian and aid organisation has worked tirelessly to prevent the taps from running dry in Beaufort West. The organisation has invested millions towards finding more sources of underground water and drilling boreholes in the Western Cape town.

“Our special thanks to Mayor Van Der Linde and his team that extended total co-operation to Gift of the Givers team led by Dr Gideon Groenewald (hydrologist, geologist and palaentologist), Martyn Landmann (driller) and engineer Hennie de Jager (who connected the new five production boreholes to the main water line from the Gamka Dam),”the organisation said in a statement.

The organisation also thanked the University of the Free State for free testing of all water samples and Hose Manufacturers Africa for the contribution of two complete borehole systems at no cost.

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