uMhlanga Introduces E-Waste Bin for Responsible Disposal: A Joint Initiative by Umhlanga Tourism and UIP | Infrastructure news

Residents and business owners in uMhlanga are encouraged to make use of the newly introduced e-waste bin, an initiative spearheaded by Umhlanga Tourism in collaboration with the full support of the Umhlanga UIP. This bin, located adjacent to the UIP offices on the Village Green, provides a convenient and free service for the responsible disposal of small appliances and devices that are no longer in use.

The installation of the e-waste bin occurred last Tuesday, and it is now available for public use. The Umhlanga UIP actively monitors the bin and promptly contacts the service provider when it reaches full capacity. Jeanie Sarno, the chairperson of Umhlanga Tourism, emphasized the importance of individual responsibility in contributing to society.

Sarno expressed concern about the improper disposal of electronic items, especially in light of increased waste due to factors like load-shedding. Traditionally, broken devices were discarded in municipal bins, leading to e-waste ending up in landfills. The centrally located bin on the Village Green offers a solution, with the UIP overseeing its status and coordinating with the service provider, PSixteen, when needed.

Sarno recommends dropping off items during less busy hours, preferably in the early morning or early afternoon, to avoid congestion caused by ongoing construction. The accepted items for disposal include laptops, computer keyboards, chargers, cables, batteries, printer cartridges, and various smaller electrical appliances like irons, kettles, hairdryers, blenders, cellphones, food processors, and hair trimmers.

For larger items such as fridges, stoves, dishwashers, and washing machines, residents can directly contact PSixteen 3 Eco-Cycle for assistance via WhatsApp at 065 6822621 or by calling 086 199 5017. Additionally, inquiries can be sent via email to

Highlighting the sense of community in uMhlanga, Sarno stressed that the collaborative effort between residents, businesses, and tourism contributes to the well-being of all. She encouraged the community to take advantage of this free service, emphasizing the positive impact it has on both residents and the local tourism industry.

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