Government to launch first state owned waste buy-back centre | Infrastructure news

The North West provincial government is set to launch its first state owned waste buy-back centre in Mahikeng, as part of a waste management plan.

Through the buy-back centre waste collectors will be able to sell recyclable waste like paper, plastic, cans and glass to recycling companies.

The centre, which will be located in Lonely Park Village in Mahikeng, will focus on transforming traditional waste collection and disposal towards waste minimisation and recycling.

Realising NDP 2030

According to the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP 2030) South Africa must transition to an environmentally sustainable, climate change resilient, low-carbon economy by 2030.

“In order to realise the NDP 2030 vision for environmental sustainability and resilience, there are constraints that must be addressed,” the province said in a statement.

Accelerated rates of environmental degradation  

Some of the challenges faced by the province include deteriorating environmental quality due to pollution and natural resource degradation.

“If these challenges are not effectively addressed, they will accelerate the rate of environmental degradation and have the potential to undo or undermine many of the positive advances made in meeting South Africa’s own development goals.”

The launch is expected to take place next week Tuesday at 11am.

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