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Mines consume considerably less water than other sectors (5% compared to industry’s 7%and agriculture’s 61%). Yet water is vital for mining operations, and mines realise substantial benefits when they make their water operations more efficient.

Modern water technologies are a rich source for efficiencies, including lower power consumption from energy-efficient pumps, better environmental monitoring of discharged water, and improved productivity and lower costs through strategic dewatering and water reuse. When mines strategically combine water technologies, they receive many benefits in return.

Xylem calls this approach ‘Industrial-Strength Thinking’–water management strategies that can incorporate:

● Dewatering: Clear water from open pits and underground areas with vertical turbine pumps, multistage ring section pumps, submersible pumps, pump controls and specialised generators. In open-pit mines, rainwater and seepage can be pumped to lower the water table to prevent groundwater influx. With underground dewatering, Xylem can assist with seeping water out of sumps, optimising main drainage, and pumping water out of shafts.

●Dust suppression: Contain dust on trucks and tailings piles with single-stage, double-suction centrifugal pumps, stainless steel vertical multistage pumps, and their control equipment. With dust suppression, Xylem can assist in maintaining a safe working area and clean equipment while still protecting the environment.

●Wastewater and recycling: Get more out of used water and reduce environmental impact with ozone oxidation systems, adaptive submersible mixers, hydraulic submersible pumps, and water quality monitoring.

●Heat transfer: Manage water temperature and pressure through heat exchangers, high-pressure multistage pumps and proactive monitoring systems.

●Environmental monitoring: Reduce environmental impact and comply with regulations through portable water quality instruments, water quality monitoring, and remote data access.

●Water boosting: Boost water out of shafts or up to high elevations, efficiently and cost-effectively, with pumps designed for easy installation, low maintenance and durability. This can be done using portable self-priming pumps, multistage booster pumps and wireless pump controls.

●Source water: Find more efficient ways to move water from lakes, rivers and tailing ponds, integrating with mobile, easy-install treatment systems. This can be achieved using Xylem’s multistage booster pumps, high-pressure multistage pumps, submersible pumps, verticalturbine pumps, single-stage double-suction pumps, automatic self-priming pumps, wireless pump controls and drives, ozone treatment systems,and advanced monitoring and remote access controls.

●Pipeline integrity:Use leak detection and mapping to stay on top of pipe condition and prevent serious failures.

Visit Xylem’s Virtual Experience, which showcases ways to address specific issues in mines and can assist in an integrated and efficient water management environment with automation and remote monitoring.

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