Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says that the facts around the R20 billion Gauteng e-tolling saga will be presented to Parliament.

Answering the debate on his budget vote speech on Friday, Gordhan accused opposition parties of just trying to score political points around the issue.

“We will certainly make arrangements to put the facts on the table; these are all public entities and they have public accounts. Perhaps if you had to spend a little more time reading them you would better understand them,” he said.

Gordhan also said that the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project and SANRAL were being used as a political football.

He said that there were key legal issues to be tested that involved key Constitutional issues that had to be tested in court.

“In delivering the GFIP we have incurred a significant debt. Defaulting on our debt is simply not an option. There is no need for panic. Please don’t use debt and debt sustainability as a political football. There is no danger to the GFIP and there is no danger to the GPEF (Government Employees Pension Fund),” he said.

Gordhan then reiterated several times that Sanral would not be allowed to go under.