Dow Corning sealants supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals were specified for the joint sealing at the Port of Durban’s Pier 2 Container Terminal. The joints being sealed are predominantly between concrete slabs but the sealants are also being applied to seal concrete-to-asphalt and asphalt-to-asphalt areas for the upgrading of the harbour terminal, explains Ivor Boddington, a.b.e. Construction Chemicals technical consultant.
Sealant applicators, Holmes Cut & Seal, are handling the contract following specification by the Transnet Projects Consulting Team which insisted on a durable sealant that can withstand excessive horizontal and vertical movement with good weathering ability.
Boddington says Dow Corning silicone pavement sealants are capable of withstanding extension of 100% and compression of 50% of the original joint width and a recovery rate of about 95%.
The sealant being used at Pier 2 Terminal is DC 890 SL, a self-levelling sealant ideal for use in asphalt-to-concrete, concrete-to-concrete or asphalt-to-asphalt joints that experience a high degree of movement, such as transverse pavement expansion and construction joints in highways, airports and any other paving surfaces. It can be used in longitudinal, centre-line and shoulder joints.
DC 890 SL is ideal for asphalt surfaces which have low tensile strengths and therefore require a sealant with an exceptionally low stress factor.

Picture: abe Dow Corning