Massive infrastructure spend for Durban’s new dig-out port | Infrastructure news

An estimated R250 billion will be invested on upgrading the Port of Durban, as part of Transnet’s new Market Demand Strategy (MDS). The MDS will see the state-owned company pump R300 billion into infrastructure spend across South Africa in an attempt to boost trade, job creation and skills development.

The development and expansion of the ports are of national importance and a key pillar of the presidential infrastructure coordinating commission’s strategic infrastructure project. It also forms part of the National Planning Commission’s national development plan.

At present, the Port of Durban can accommodate approximately 2.9 million containers, but its expansion and a new dig-out port will significantly increase its capacity to more than 20 million.

Transnet estimates that the existing infrastructure will reach its limit in 2019, seven years from now, and a lack of container capacity will eventually hinder economic growth.

The company is going to spend R33 billion over the next seven years upgrading and expanding South Africa’s ports. From now until 2019, Transnet is going to be busy with its short-term projects, which include: deepening the North quay berthing; expanding Pier 1 expansion with Salisbury Island infill; reconstructing Maydon Wharf’s quay wall; reconstructing Island View’s berthing; and developing the Point passenger terminal facility.

From 2019 to 2042, Transnet will embark on its medium-term projects, which includes the new dig-out port. The new harbour will be built at Durban’s old International Airport and will require the construction of: a breakwater and entrance channel; a sixteen berth container basin and terminals; and a new automotive terminal, among other infrastructure.

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