The second annual Africa Road Transport Forum organised by Transport World Africa in conjunction with FESARTA (Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations) was a great success: drawing key industry role players from around Africa to the event in Johannesburg between 17 and 18 April this year.

Apart from the net-working opportunities, delegates found common ground in transport issues affecting regions across Africa.

Key aspects discussed included Load Limits and Overloading Control; Reduction of Delays and Costs at Borders; Excessive and Arbitrary Charges, as well as Self-Regulation.

Interactive discussions were held where delegates could both ask questions or make comments from their own experiences in the regions they operate.

The issue of Non-Tariff Barriers affecting the road transport industry throughout Africa was also discussed in order to find solutions so these would no longer affect transporters. FESARTA will now take the suggestions on how to eliminate these NTBs to the relevant authorities to try and eradicate them.

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