The Water Institute of Southern Africa yesterday, 11 June 2013, celebrated the official launch of the WISA Limpopo Branch, as well as the launch of the Young Water Professionals Chapter in Limpopo and the Process Controller Division for the Limpopo province at the Bolivia Lodge in Polokwane.

Speaking at the launch, WISA President Ronald Brown emphasised the importance of partnerships. “Always ask not what WISA can do for you, but what you can do for WISA,” said Brown, adding that the new branch would provide the platform for the exchange of ideas between water professionals in the province, as well as providing professional support.

“Each of us can add value to the branch. Our objectives and vision must be clear. We need to create quick wins and in tandem look into the medium and long-term goals.” A lack of skills and money should not be considered an insurmountable hurdle, said Brown, adding that this is where the individual needed to step forward and take ownership of their environment as well as fully appreciate the importance of relationships.

Brown also heralded the launch of the Branch as ground-breaking, reaffirming that WISA is “here to stay.”

Speaking at the launch, WISA Acting Chief Executive, Dot Zandberg, said the launch of the process controllers division should serve as a further catalyst towards the professionalisation of process controllers within South Africa.

Zandberg concluded by announcing that the newly-formed branch had already expressed an interest in hosting the WISA bi-annual conference in 2016.

Ronald Brown image

WISA President Ronald Brown

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