SprayPave forms an integral part of one of South Africa’s leading construction companies (Basil Read Holdings Group). Over 30 years it has become renowned for its dynamism as well as being an innovative and fully integrated industry leader.

IN AN INDUSTRY where constant challenges on both a micro- and macro scale need to be overcome, SprayPave’s everpositive culture of transforming hurdles into opportunities has ensured that the company not only survives, but thrives. Its ability to successfully manufacture, supply and apply all bituminous road binders, emulsions, primes, pre-coats and modified binders not only in South Africa but sub-Saharan Africa, is direct testament to its aforementioned culture, coupled with its ability to forge solid bonds with both customers and supplier/ service providers alike, thus translating into a recipe for organic growth and success.

Market share
Since its inception in 1981 as a small family-run business operating as a simple plant-hire entity, SprayPave has matured into an established ‘all-rounder’ in the industry. With its head office still situated in Alrode South, mere metres from the premises where the company originated, SprayPave’s footprint extends nationwide and further north, with successful projects being undertaken in Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana, to name a few.

Modern finishes
The company’s physical growth has amassed to a sizeable fleet of bitumen haulers and sprayers, most of which are powered by Scania trucks, and all distributors using the technically advanced Etnyre spray bar system. The impressive site of a red and white sprayer working on a road construction site is becoming ever more common. SprayPave’s newest haulers are powered by the latest R500 Scanias and coupled with ultra-modern, technically advanced tankers. These tanks have a 34 000 ℓ capacity and come fitted with an electronic braking system, Weweler air suspension and axle lifting device, not forgetting a computer management system that communicates pertinent information to the cab while in transit.

Smart plants
The company’s satellite branch in Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal, is a replica of the modern facility situated in Johannesburg and is capable of manufacturing cut-back bitumen such as MC30 – a product that some refineries have become reluctant to manufacture. With Engen recently announcing that it will no longer supply MC30, the needs of the local market will remain satisfied through the ability of the SprayPave plant to manufacture this product in abundance.

The Cape Town branch will be operational toward the end of this year. Its capabilities will also be a replication to those of the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal plants, offering the southern region of the country world-class products and services. In addition to fully calibrated weighbridges and a state-of-the-art emulsion plant that facilitates the in-house production of all anionic and cationic emulsions, each branch is fully equipped to manufacture polymer modified binders and emulsions, and environmentally friendly primes and pre-coats. Offering supply in bulk and drummed, each branch is equipped with a proficient drumming system that has been designed to accurately fill the maximum quantity of drums in the shortest possible time. Every pipe that makes up the product transport system is colour-coded for easy identification, while the drums are filled on calibrated scales in order to ensure that each one has an accurate and equal volume of product inside. SprayPave’s mobile emulsion plant, currently situated in Zambia, has proven the benefit of having the ability to manufacture product at remote sites for months on end – so much so that the company is now in the process of commissioning similar plants that not only manufacture emulsions, but modified binders too.

People power
As with most success, SprayPave’s lies greatlyin its people. The company’s dedicated team of experienced and driven staff has ensured that along with the company’s physical growth, their intellectual abilities matured equally in magnitude. Their philosophy has always been to remain ahead of the pack and to never fall into the trap of becoming slaves to antiquated policies and practices. With the bitumen market being one of constant change, SprayPave has forged enviable, life-long bonds with industry experts and innovators, locally and globally.

Product offering
SprayPave has a wide range of bituminous products with various grades as follows:
• CAT60, 65 and 70: Cationic emulsions with 60, 65 and 70% binder content, as well as diluted variants
• SS60: Anionic emulsion with 60% binder content, as well as its diluted variant, SS30
• Opti-Prime: SprayPave’s very popular and eco-friendly cold prime
• SP1i: SprayPave’s invert cold prime
• Opti-Cote: SprayPave’s answer to quality and effective pre-coating
• SE-1 and SE-2: Effective and reliable polymer modified binders (PMBs), which have become very popular summer binders for chip seals
• SC-E1 and SC-E2: Effective and reliable modified emulsions, which have become a very popular solution for binders required in winter seal designs
• AE-1 and AE-2: Effective PMBs much like SE1&2 for asphalt surfacing
• MC30, MC70 and MC300: Cutback bitumen manufactured at the KwaZulu- Natal branch and will soon be manufactured at the new Cape Town branch.

Over and above these manufacturing products, SprayPave also supplies all-penetration grade bitumen. All of the company’s products are manufactured under strict guidelines, in accordance with industry manufacturing and quality control standards. Each plant, including the mobile units, has fully equipped laboratories with advanced testing apparatus, which is used to monitor the quality of each and every product at certain intervals throughout the manufacturing process and upon completion. Batch samples are retained for a period of six months and customers are provided with lab certificates for every load received.

Why choose us
SprayPave clients are assured the utmost quality from the product they receive. In a time when competition in the construction industry is cut-throat and the consequence of even the smallest failure can mean the end of your business, clients need to align themselves with a company that offers the complete package in terms of capability, reliability and ability to remain effective and competitive in a constantly changing environment. They need to align themselves with SprayPave!