This application will offer remote access to wastewater treatment plants in remote areas, and in real time.

This mobile application is available on smartphones and tablets offering remote access to various control and regulations options for wastewater treatment plants to simplify daily inspection, maintenance and functional operations.

It offers two task options, allowing the operator to control a site while roaming regardless of the supervisory mode. Using a Wi-Fi network these applications give the operator remote control of all equipment and structures connected to a supervision program or operating terminal, replacing on-site control units.

For sites equipped with a supervision program, the OperFLASH redirection application can read the QR code on each piece of motorised equipment, valve and measuring instrument. It enables the operator to control the equipment remotely in real time from a smartphone or touchpad tablet. The interface is simple and ergonomic, allowing easy navigation and control of the equipment from various types of smartphone and tablet.

A simplified version of the application is also available for plants which are not equipped with supervision program but have operating terminals instead. The application replicates the operating terminal’s screen on the smartphone or touchpad tablet, making it possible to access the functionalities of the equipment offered by the terminals remotely and in real time as well as providing visual control.

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