Mercedes-Benz Bluetec in Atego

The Mercedes-Benz Atego brings unprecedented comfort and functionality to distribution operations, and is now equipped with Mercedes-Benz’ BlueTec technology, offering even higher fuel savings.

TRITON EXPRESS, a national carrier company, took delivery of four Mercedes-Benz Atego 1318/48 BlueTec trucks equipped with various fuel efficiency, safety and comfort features. These were in addition to the 12 Atego 1318/48 to supplement its fleet.

The standard Triton fleet of more than 200 vehicles travels thousands of kilometres each month and these Atego BlueTec trucks are contributing to the fuel saving of the company. With more than 60 000 consignments per month, from envelopes to 3 to 4 t shipments, Triton Express prides itself on reliable and timeous deliveries, and therefore its vehicles need to be reliable.

All 16 Atego models are fitted standard with the Telligent automatic transmission, which provides added ease of operation, resulting in further fuel savings, especially in stop-start traffic. The aerokit provides further fuel-saving measures as the aerodynamics of the vehicle are enhanced with this fitment.

The Ategos are powered by highly successful and economical BlueTec engines in the output class from 130 kW with a 4-cylinder engine up to 175 kW with the six-cylinder engine. BlueTec uniquely combines econo my with ecology.

Servicing and monitoring
Servicing of the vehicles will be carried out by Triton’s in-house workshops, which are Mercedes-Benz accredited. At the workshops, a trained team of technical experts will monitor and gauge the performance of all these vehicles. Triton Express has many branches throughout South Africa, in Johannesburg, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Cape Town, George,Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle, Richards Bay, Bloemfontein and Upington.

The supply of the AdBlue additive necessary for the Atego BlueTec trucks is sourced through a local supplier and is delivered in 1 000 ℓ drums to Triton Express’s Johannesburg depot. The Euro 5 Ategos will only operate on major routes within South Africa’s borders due to the availability of 50 ppm fuel. Currently Triton Express is able to obtain a regular supply from its Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban branches.

Identity and aesthetic
The new Mercedes-Benz Atego is easily distinguished by its modern appearance. The front section, featuring a striking radiator grille, emphasises the fact that the vehicle belongs to the Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty truck range. The Ategos are fitted with composite box bodies with a maximum load capacity of 7 t for the Atego 1318 and 8 t for the Atego 1524.

The artistically designed outer appearance of these composite box bodies demonstrates the company’s commitment to a cleaner environment. The Triton Express slogan – ‘signed.sealed.delivered’ – now includes: “What will your children breathe? Triton Express chooses Mercedes-Benz Euro 5 BlueTec Technology – Leading the way to a cleaner tomorrow.”

The cab’s interior offers a number of convenient features, including a multifunction steering wheel to operate the on-board computer and the optional telephone and radio. The new instrument cluster features chrome ring surrounds for the speedometer and rev counter.

The standard equipment of the Atego further includes an extra middle seat,head restraints integrated in the backrests and a clothes rail with adjustable hooks. The Atego selected for the Triton Express fleet offers the short cab, with multifunction stowage compartments. Following a thorough evaluation of the given requirements and the vehicles available on the market for their application, Triton Express opted for the Mercedes-Benz Atego fitted with the Telligent Automatic Transmission, which are perfectly suited to a stop-start environment.

In Europe, the Atego is also leading the way with regard to alternative drives. Production of an innovation fleet comprising the first 50 Atego BlueTec Hybrids commenced in 2010. Depending on its mode of use, the Hybrid will lower fuel consumption by 10 to 15%, accompanied by corresponding reductions in CO2 emissions.