One non-tariff barrier which has been a bone of contention amongst transport operators moving freight into Mozambique has been the issue of authorities in that country charging for escorting trucks from the border into the hinterland.

It appears that this issue has now been solved.

According to José Luis Cumbe from the Mozambique customs: “In response to complaint nr. 590, The Mozambique Revenue Authority would like to clarify that since the referred escort fee of USD 100 was illegal, Mozambique Revenue Authority issued the Circular nº09/GD/DRC/2013, of 1st July, that has been sent to you in attachment and is being published in all customs branches, which states in summary that:

  • The Fiscal Escort happens only and uniquely in the case of customs transit of high risk merchandise in terms of loss of revenue.
  •  In this case, Mozambique Revenue Authority will have to support the Escort expenses.
  •  It is prohibited to collect any values and deductions when this Escort is determined by customs.”

It has been suggested that operators whose trucks are driving into Mozambique give a copy of the Portugese letter – download here (Click here to view in English) – to their drivers to present to customs officials in that country who say that the driver has to pay for an escort.

Barney Curtis, chief executive officer at FESARTA, says, “Transporters which have refused to pay the escort fee have been successful and that once authorities realise that they are not getting funds for escorting  then this will fade away and then this non-tariff barrier will be removed from the system.”

Should your driver still experience this issue please contact Barney at