A project is underway to work on a long-term solution for their water woes residents of the Refentse informal settlement.

Last year Water Affairs Minister Edna Molewa promised residents of informal settlement of Refentse and 10 Rooms under Madibeng Municipality that her department would work on a long-term solution for their water woes. At that time, she was speaking to the community after resuscitating some of the non-functional boreholes in their area. Tankering was put in place at the time to ensure that residents got clean water while the long-term solution was underway.

The project which is currently underway and about to be completed has employed people from the community and has provided training to repair leaks and operate the systems will also come from the community.

Rand Water was brought on board to install a 350 mm2 water pipeline to supply water to the community. The purpose of this long term plan was to finally remove tankering of water which is expensive to run. The first phase which is almost complete will enable the connection of the bulk purified water and the second phase will then connect each household. The pipeline that has been bulleted under the road to avoid traffic disruptions is expected to be ready to deliver water to the 5000 litre tanks installed in the area.

The project to pull water into individual households will commence in earnest by end of April. This is part of the bigger plan to alleviate water problems in the area of Madibengas a whole.

The Department of Water Affairs says it is on the right path and is working tirelessly in crafting innovative and creative ways of providing water to un-served areas and communities. “We believe in carrying out the mandate of our department as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Molewa.

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