The successful and efficient treatment of municipal wastewater to ensure continuous compliance with legislative requirements at the lowest possible life cycle cost depends both on the suitability and durability of capital infrastructure for the specific type and quantity of wastewater, as well as the long term operation and maintenance of the processes and infrastructure.

Professional engineering service providers have traditionally mainly been involved with the design and construction stages of wastewater infrastructure. At Zeerust Wastewater Treatment Works the Consultant was appointed by the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality (NMMDM) to undertake the professional services for refurbishment and upgrade, as well as the operation and maintenance of the works for a period of six months.

The first phase focused on the repairing and replacement of infrastructure to obtain the outcomes indicated above. Various contractors were appointed to carry out this phase, while Water Solutions Southern Africa had been appointed to carry out the operation and maintenance requirement and to train operational staff.

At the end of the six months period the effluent quality complied with all effluent quality standards stipulated by the Department of Water Affairs and the works was handed to the NMMDM in a very good condition with all process units functioning efficiently and comprehensively.

Due to various site specific reasons, the six month period was insufficient to provide comprehensive accredited training and was therefore restricted to site-specific matters.


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