The City of Ekurhuleni is carrying out major refurbishment on a 2.4 kilometre cable to lessen the number of unplanned power interruptions in Sunward Park and surrounding areas.

According to the municipality this is part of a multi-year plan adopted by the city to reduce the number of unplanned interruptions by identifying and replacing frequently affected electrical equipment.

The plan will ensure proper asset maintenance management and continuous refurbishment of the electricity network.

Ekurhuleni technicians have identified underground cables that have been the main contributors to a number of unplanned outages experienced by customers in Sunward Park. A total of 1 100 meters of electrical cable has been replaced and by the end of April, 2.4 kilometres of electrical cable would have been replaced.

The last two phases of the work is scheduled to be carried out as follows
• Kingfisher and Albrecht mini-substations from April 1 until April 10;
• Heinemann and Uiterkyk mini-substations from April 13 until April 24.

Once the refurbishment work has been completed an underground cable between two mini-substations will be connected to the grid to add stability and improve the quality of power supply to the area.

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