Xylem South Africa, a division of the global giant Xylem Inc., has announced the appointment of its new managing director, Pierre Fourie. Fourie’s grounded leadership style is already driving the pump giant to even greater heights.

After an intense local and international search, you have been selected as Xylem South Africa’s new managing director. What are some of the career milestones that led you to this prestigious position?

PF: I grew up in the Northern Cape, then worked in the North West, and eventually moved to Johannesburg for further opportunities. Some of my initial experience was at engineering and water treatment firms, after which, I went on to start my own business.

After six years working for myself, my wife asked me to pack that in, because I was hardly ever at home – which is an experience I’m sure many small business owners can relate to.

From there, I was involved in dewatering and process equipment, turnkey plants, smelters, and capital equipment for mines.

In that role, I was asked, by an international venture capital company, to set up a manufacturing facility in Africa.

I established the business and its sales channels, agents, and factories. Those products are now distributed worldwide.

After being successful in that role, Xylem offered me the MD position, which I have been filling for six weeks now.

How would you describe your management style and how does this align with Xylem’s corporate culture?

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