Encountering droughts, water shortages and other water emergencies in water-scarce South Africa is par for the course. However, the current drought which grips the country is unparalleled in its severity and requires experts solutions and partnerships.

For over 17 years, SBS Water Systems has provided quality liquid storage solutions to municipalities across South Africa. Mava Gwagwa, new business and key account director, SBS Water Systems, reports that the company has seen a massive demand increase for its modular water storage reservoirs from municipalities and other affected industry sectors, particularly in areas hit hard by the recent lack of rain and high temperatures.

“The unique ability of our storage tanks and reservoirs to be rapidly fabricated, delivered to rural sites and quickly erected is key to our customers who are urgently in need of large-scale storage solutions to aid in the implementation of drought relief measures to communities in need.” says Gwagwa.

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