With the approval of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) (Act 16 of 2013) and its Regulations on 23 March 2015, the last bastion of spatial and statutory planning legislation reform (dating back to previous political dispensations) within municipalities were removed.

Although the transitional arrangements of this process is still in process within Provincial and Municipal Spheres of Government by formulating its own new transformation structures and procedures (migration to a new land development system), the question remains if the historic disjointedness in municipalities and lack of integration will be addressed efficiently and effectively on all strategic, functional and operational levels?

This project is an endeavour to address and resolve the implications of the historical lack of integration between spatial planning and the role of municipal engineer in planning activities.

The improvement of the relationship between professions in an effort to promote sustainable urban and territorial planning will enhance the quality of planning documents to support delivery and normalisation within all spatial systems.

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