Cross-industry sustainability solutions specialist ImproChem appointed new managing director Graham Sanders on 1 March 2016. Sanders jumps straight into WASA’s Hot Seat to discuss the company’s capabilities and commitment to its customers.

What approach do you adopt to solve your clients’ toughest water, energy and air quality management challenges on-site?

ImproChem’s highly experienced team of technologists and engineers works closely with our customers to identify and solve problems, mitigate health and safety risks, and reduce operating costs.

Once the causes and consequences of the problem have been jointly identified, are clearly understood and goals mutually agreed upon, a treatment solution can be designed and implemented.

This will often comprise a combination of treatment chemicals, monitoring and control systems, and custom-engineered equipment. In order to ensure the success of the treatment solution and generate value for our customers, our technologists provide on-site services and application support on an ongoing basis.

What specifically differentiates you from your competitors, as far as deliverables are concerned?

While ImproChem has access to the world’s best water and hydrocarbon process treatment chemical technology and equipment, a key differentiator is the knowledge and expertise of our personnel, who ensure the correct application of these technologies and provide site-specific services to our customers.

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