Gulfstream Energy says it has distributed 1 000 000 000 litres of fuel as of January this year.

The company is responsible for supplying in excess of 1% of the country’s fuel demands across the public sector, as well as various commercial sectors including mining, retail and aviation, together with a significant portion of the country’s largest transport companies and three of South Africa’s four major truck stops.

“We deliver, on average, over 1 000 000 litres of fuel daily to every corner of South Africa,” says CEO Shane Jegels.

In 2013, the company secured Transnet’s largest tender to date for goods and services (valued at R15.5bn). It is one of a select number of independent fuel suppliers awarded a contract for the supply of fuel products and services across a number of South African government departments and is responsible for the delivery of millions of litres of fuel per annum across more than 100 different sites nationwide.

The company recently partnered with Burgan Cape Terminals, which positions it as the first independent supplier in the country to have access to its very own bulk fuel storage facility.

The move increased its storage capacity to approximately 120 000 000 litres of fuel per annum and means quicker and greater availability of fuel in the Western Cape.

Gulfstream plans to be the only independent participant of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Forum, traditionally the transactional domain of South Africa’s oil majors and endeavours to achieve ISO accreditation by 2017.