Ford Kugas around SA have been recalled to check if they are fully operational. Picture: Supplied.

Ford Kugas around SA have been recalled to check if they are fully operational. Picture: Supplied.

Ford has had a solid start to 2017 despite the recent recall of its Kuga EcoSport model. The company’s sales remained strong thank to its Ranger bakkie and Everest range.

Ford said its Ranger dominated the market in January and the expanded Everest range achieved its second-highest sales to date.

The Mustang also saw its best-ever sales of 128 units in January, while the EcoSport remained the undisputed compact SUV segment leader. Ford said a total of 6,634 vehicles was sold in January 2017.

The company’s sales were up 1.7% on the corresponding month last year, while the company’s overall market share ended on 14.5%.

Ford determined to bounce back after Kuga recall

“We are encouraged by and grateful for the continued customer confidence in the Ford brand and our current range of products, despite the challenges relating to the safety recall announced in January for the 1.6-litre Kuga,” Gerhard Herselman, Ford’s general sales manager said.

“Ford is actively addressing the issue of the Kuga 1.6 safety recall, and we are absolutely committed to doing right by our customers in South Africa,” he added. “We will do what it takes to address customer concerns and maintain confidence in our products and the company.”

He said the company was focus on resolving these issues and delivering vehicles that are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety, technology, reliability and value for money.

Recent downward trend in industry

The motor vehicle industry experienced a downward trend throughout 2016, however January 2017 sales results, released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), revealed an upswing in demand to reach a total of 50,333 units – 3.7% higher than January 2016.

According to NAAMSA, sales figures were as follows:

  • Dealer sales: 35 379 units or 70.3%
  • vehicle rental industry: 23.8%
  • industry corporate fleets: 3.1%
  • Government: 2.8%

For the first time in fourteen months, the new car market had registered an increase compared to the corresponding of last year.

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