Cavendish Square is striving to manage its resources even better than in previous years, targeting improvements in waste management, electricity and water conservation

Cavendish Square, shopping centre has set itself the goal of conserving the environment in all sectors, be it waste management, energy efficiency or water saving.

Waste management

The shopping centre is championing a first-of-its-kind green initiative by implementing a worm farm within the centre installed and managed by FullCycle, to service the needs of those wishing to reduce carbon emissions.

These earthworms are able to process left over organic food waste, newspapers and even flowers and in turn create high nutritional liquid and solid fertiliser for local crops. Here, Cavendish Square supports government’s call for zero waste to landfill, as well as supporting a local beneficiary in the Bo Kaap.

Energy savings

After receiving the 2013 Energy Efficiency Forum Award in the Single Building Category, awarded by City of Cape Town, South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and Eskom, the shopping centre strove even higher. Today, Cavendish Square saves in excess of 1 Giga-Watt-Hours of electricity per annum through its LED lighting initiatives alone. Numerous other energy saving initiatives are also implemented within the mall to ensure its one of the most efficient buildings around.

Water savings

Amidst the Western Cape’s water crisis, the centre also saves between 5 – 10% per year on water saving initiatives; the bleed-off water from the cooling towers as well as rain water is used in the waste area for all cleaning needs, with drip irrigation for all landscaping. As far as possible, pressure hoses are used to minimise water usage – this is an increase in oxygen-to-water ratio to ensure thorough cleaning with water saving in mind.

During 2017, the centre aims is to work closer with tenants to minimise water usage and continually monitor and ensure stringent control on cleaning operations.

Centre management

“As a centre we pride ourselves in protecting the environment and provide our retailers with the tools to champion climate change, water conservation and energy efficiency. Being the first centre to implement the worm farm initiative in 2011, we are actively and proudly flying the eco-conscious flag,” concludes Cavendish Square’s centre manager, Brenda Bibby.



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