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Investing in innovative solutions is receiving a greater emphasis in the waste management sector.

Waste management company Averda has said it is committed to diversifying its waste business and building on its existing integrated waste management offerings.

The company indicated that new funding will help to substantially expand its waste-handling capacity and infrastructure. Averda said this was in line with its commitment and long-term investment in South Africa.


Averda plans to expand its current operations through two medical waste companies, with the aim of building a world-class end-to-end national healthcare waste solution.

“Current facilities will be upgraded in partnership with state-of-the-art specialist technology providers, alongside investment into a new medical waste treatment plant,” Malek Sukkar, Averda CEO, said.

He also said there will be further investment into the Vlakfontein hazardous waste landfill to further promote international best practice in environmentally low impact waste storage.

The company also plans to introduce new technologies in on site waste minimisation and handling. These technologies will be tailored to the needs of the producers in the various industrial sectors, Sukkar said.

He added that South Africa was a market with huge opportunities to develop innovative solutions to one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today – the sustainable treatment and disposal of the myriad forms of waste produced by our societies.

“While building new low-impact waste storage facilities and pioneering medical waste management solutions, we also aim to bring new jobs to the communities we serve,” Sukkar said. “We are hugely excited for our future here in South Africa, and its vital role to our continued strategic growth.”

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