Grootfontein Pump StationRepairs to the Grootfontein Pump Station were completed recently according to the National Water Resource Infrastructure (NWRI): Central Operation office.

The pump station, which was under repairs since April this year, is situated in the Usutu-Vaal Area Office in the Mpumalanga Province and supplies water to canals and other infrastructure systems.

Minimising future damage

The repair work included the installation of eleven temperature probes, two vibration sensors and three limit switches. According to project manager Vincent Arms the objective is to monitor the operation systems, minimise the risk of equipment damage and injuries to personnel and regulate the operation of machines.

“Conducting operation and maintenance to the pump station will improve the working condition, the performance and the life time of the station”, Arms said.

“A limit switch regulates the operation of machines that are equipped with moving parts connected to a switching action mechanism.

“Temperature probes are used for measuring temperature and detect abnormal temperatures on the bearings and for stopping the operation of the pump line. Vibration probes detect the sensitivity of the bearings and stop the pump line in case of abnormal behaviour”, explained the project Manager.

Providing effective supply for economic growth

Arms added that department employees working at the pump station were grateful for the work done and said that it would improve their work performance.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation is committed to ensuring that its pumping stations are being operated, maintained, rehabilitated and refurbished consistently to provide effective and efficient supply of bulk raw water for economic growth, social development and poverty eradication,” the department concluded.