Construction site

Construction site

The Association of Quantity Surveyors of South Africa is encouraging players from the construction sector to drive down construction costs and improve the function of buildings using the process of value management.

According to the association value management has the potential to improve to improve a project’s function, streamline the construction process, highlight potential future problems and reduce capital costs as well as operational expenses in all spheres of construction: civil, industrial, mining, and energy projects, to name a few.

“Value management is a broader view of the better-known term value engineering,” explains Chris de Wet, Value Management Advisor at the Association of Quantity Surveyors of South Africa (ASAQS). “It is a process that can determine whether a different way of designing, constructing, procuring and thinking is needed.”

Identifying and solving potential problems

The process includes a complete value analysis of all components as well as the consideration of alternative material and process selection.

According to De Wet value management principles are not being applied as often as they should due to tight deadlines and fast-tracked construction schedules, among others. A value management approach requires that a professional commit extra time for the strategy and integrated analysis.

“When professionals in a project team can join forces, flesh out assumptions, propose alternatives and evaluate options based on different areas of expertise, the results can be very rewarding for the entire project and ultimately the client,” says De Wet.

“When implemented effectively, value management can not only save time and money, but also identify and resolve potential future problems before they arise. It also has the ability to create closer team work, better communication, co-ordination and delivery amongst the professional team.”


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