Herman Mashaba

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba

The City of Johannesburg cannot fix its aging infrastructure without a good criminal justice system.  This was the sentiment of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba.

Speaking at a media briefing on the state of Johannesburg’s infrastructure on Tuesday, the mayor said that getting the city’s municipal courts functioning again would ensure that the rule of law would be maintained in the city.

He added that the city was intensifying its fight against fraud and corruption and declaring war on criminals who vandalise and steal infrastructure.

“Never before has there been an appreciation of how fraud and corruption has robbed the poorest in our city of the dignity that comes from basic services,”Mashaba said.

“To make matters worse, our city entities have been hit by institutionalised corruption and crime,” he explained.

He noted that more than 2 000 cases totalling over R10 billion are currently under investigation, funds that would have better serviced poor communities.

Mashaba said that revamping the city’s municipal court system would go a long way in communicating that there are consequences for those who break the law in the City of Johannesburg.

“We will ensure that every cent of public money is used for public service. The city is not an ATM for politicians,” he concluded.

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