Biggest leak in JW history Photo Isaac Dhludhlu Communications Manager at Joburg Water

This is the largest repair job ever done by Joburg Water on a main line. Photo Isaac Dhludhlu Communications Manager at Joburg Water.

Residents living in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg are without water as Johannesburg Water takes on the largest repair job in its history.

According to a statement released by Nico de Jager MMC Environment and Infrastructure Services Department, major leaks have been identified on the main water pipeline that runs through Linbro Park landfill site.

“This is the largest repair job ever done by Joburg Water on a main line, and due to the burst being 35 meters deep on a very unstable landfill, we could not risk burying our employees alive during the maintenance process,” he explains.

De Jager says the burst pipe affected water supply, and supply had to be throttled to avoid reservoirs running dry as the recharging will take longer. “We hope to flush the system around 12:00 and simultaneously open the reservoirs as well. Reservoirs shut down with 1 meter of water left, so that they will have time to refill,” he notes.

Areas affected include Sandton, Bryanston, Woodmead, Morningside, Alexander, Linbro Park and the surrounding arrears. High-lying areas such as Bryanston will take longer to receive water due to the height in relation to pumping capacity.

Estimated time of repair is 13:00, provided there are no further complications.

Water tankers

Water tanks are available at the following points:

  • Morningside Clinic,
    • Tara Hospital
    • Alexander : [6th ave, 13th ave Alex & Vasc, 14th ave Alex & Vasco, 14th ave Alex & Rooth , 12th ave Alex, 15th ave Alex & Selborne, 15th ave Alex & Rooth, 16th ave Alex & Vasco, 16th ave & Selborne, 17th ave & Selborne, 18th ave & Vasco]
    • Maritz Brothers School,
    • Sandton City
    • Benmore Gardens Mall
    • Sandown Old Age Home,
    • Sandown High School,
    • Troop centre at corner Rivonia and Oxford
    • Bryanston shopping centre,
    • Petervale shopping centre,
    • Bryanston primary school
    • SPCA in Lonenhill

An additional 16 tankers will also be rolled out.

“Johannesburg Water is committed to provide water and sanitation that is of high quality to all residents of the City of Johannesburg and we apologise to residents for the inconvenience caused,” he concludes.

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