3 DustbinsThe eThekwini Municipality says it will be business as usual for Durban Solid Waste (DSW) this festive season as they will still be adhering to the normal collection schedule, including Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The municipality is encouraging residents to continue leaving their refuse out for collection as they normally would.

“The DSW offices will be closed on 25 and 26 December 2017 and on 1 January 2018 but the operational staff will be on duty throughout the festive season providing services to eThekwini residents,” the municipality explains.

No Christmas box

The municipality has also issued a notice reminding residents that DSW staff are strictly prohibited from touting for money or gifts from residents.

“Residents are also advised to be wary of con artists posing as municipal workers who have been known to solicit gifts.”

The municipality is also calling on residents to take the precaution of wrapping any glass in newspaper before disposing of it in refuse bags to reduce the chances of injuring staff during collection.

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