drinking water imageThe City of Cape Town is expediting the roll-out of water pressure management technology as part of its drought relief measures.

The municipality has identified 25 areas across the city that could benefit from this technology over the next three months, and contractors have been brought in to speed up the programme.

The first planned works will take place on Friday 12 January in a section of Paarden Eiland from 8pm to 4am on Saturday and approximately 367 households will be affected.

“Not only does pressure management generally lower consumption by reducing the rate at which water flows to properties, it also reduces leaks and pipe bursts by better ensuring that pressure remains within levels that the pipework can tolerate, and reduces the rate of loss from leaks and bursts,” the city said in a statement.

“At all times careful consideration will be given to ensure minimal disruption to the water supply in the affected areas,” it added.

The City regrets any inconvenience caused; these are part of our efforts to avoid Day Zero.

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