UD Quester Tipper

UD Quester Tipper

While the South African truck market declined during 2017, UD Trucks gained some ground in the heavy commercial vehicle segment with the launch of a new range in the middle of the year.

The new Croner range, launched in June 2017, helped the manufacturer claim the second position in this portion of the market with a 19.53% share.   It was also the top performing Japanese manufacturer in the extra heavy commercial vehicle segment with a 9.24% market share.

The manufacturer says growth in the South African economy is dependent on a successful transport industry which is why it is passionate about solving the challenges customers are facing in the local transport industry.

Business specific solutions

“In the year to come, UD Trucks Southern Africa will optimise its model line-up even further to address fleet owners’ specific business and operational requirements,” explains Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

“Along with in-house financial solutions through UD Financial Services and modernised digital communication, we are determined to provide the trucks and services the world needs today.  This commitment has driven the company’s innovation for over 80 years worldwide and for more than 55 years in southern Africa,” he adds.

Committed to customer satisfaction

The company gained some extensive ground in the latest industry Customer Satisfaction Index, moving up from overall seventh position to the third spot in 2017.

“We are committed to listening to our customers and importantly, the drivers of UD trucks across the region, and tackling issues together to create the most efficient transport solutions for all involved,” concludes Swanepoel.

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