Scania’s new range of fuel-efficient, future-oriented trucks

Scania’s new range of fuel-efficient, future-oriented trucks

Following the introduction of trucks for long-haulage and construction in 2017, Scania has shifted its focus to delivering urban, low-carbon transport solutions.

Scania’s new range of fuel-efficient, future-oriented trucks are powered by the new 7-litre engine, offering urban transporters a new level of transport efficiency with fuel savings of up to 10%

“With this release, we comprehensively set the stage for the necessary shift towards sustainable transport, offering tailored low-carbon trucks for all transport applications,” says Christian Levin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

With its more compact dimensions, the new P-series cab can feature a lower engine tunnel, which opens up a more spacious cab interior. Drivers will enjoy the best driving conditions in the industry in vehicles that excel in handling, steering and driveability – all of which are essential in challenging urban traffic.

L-series – low entry for higher efficiency

The L-series is Scania’s newly developed cab series for urban transport, such as distribution, refuse collection and maintenance. According to the manufacturer drivers will benefit from vastly improved direct vision of the surroundings.

“Drivers will also be at the same height as other road users, with the added advantage of improved working conditions when repeatedly entering and exiting the cab.”

The  L-series features a kneeling mode and lower boarding steps on both sides of the cab. Drivers can also take advantage of the space in front of the engine tunnel to exit on the passenger side, thereby avoiding oncoming traffic.

CrewCab – protecting those that protect

Since the new CrewCab will mainly be used by firefighters, it has been specifically tailored for emergency assignments, keeping both ergonomics and safety in mind. For extra safety, there is an option for up to four roll over side-curtain airbags. The CrewCab accommodates up to eight passengers with a high level of safety and comfort, which includes a separate climate system with its own heating for the crew area.

Breakthrough for gas-fuelled long-haulage operations

The manufacturer already offers the broadest range of trucks for renewable fuels, including ethanol, biodiesel, HVO as well as hybrid technology.

With the introduction of a six-cylinder 13-litre gas engine specifically designed for regional and long-haulage operations, climate-conscious hauliers now have a strong alternative to conventional fossil fuels. For a 40-tonne truck-and-trailer combination with tanks for liquefied gas, the range has been extended to 1 100 kilometres. In parallel, Scania also releases a 9-litre gas engine for the new truck generation.

“With the new generation trucks, we are taking major steps in improved safety, driver comfort and fuel economy. The released models have been universally praised and awarded for their innovative features and overall performance and we are certain that the new urban range will be equally successful,” concludes Levin.