The theme for World Water Day 2018 looks at using nature to overcome 21st century water challenges and according to an industry expert employing a scientific discipline that uses the same approach could be the solution to issues like the current water crisis.

Claire Janisch, the founder of BiomimicrySA believes that biomimicry, could help Africa solve some of its biggest challenges.

Janisch, who is a keynote speaker at African Utility Week, will unpack this topic with a presentation entitled: Biomimicry: Learn from and emulate nature’s genius to create more sustainable designs.

She explains: “when you realise that the simple act of learning from and emulating nature’s time tested genius is so profoundly impactful, it’s one of the most inspiring approaches to Africa’s big challenges. I will share case studies and core principles to illustrate this.”

“Our vision is that the designers of our world – and particularly the designers of our infrastructure – look to natural systems as model, measure and mentor to design abundant and resilient cities that function like natural ecosystems.”

Cape Town not unique

This edition of African Utility Week will focus strongly on water challenges on the continent, including investment needed in water solutions by the public and private sectors to enable universal access, water security and resilient societies.

The water conference will furthermore showcase how partnerships, financial models and latest technological advances can make the greatest impact in meeting Africa’s water demand.

The water conference programme

African Utility Week’s water conference programme topics and highlights include:

  • World Bank Report on latest status on water infrastructure projects
  • What is the impact of conflict and governance towards meeting Africa’s water demand?
  • Exploring the impact of climate change on Africa’s water demand
  • Panel discussion: How is the City of Cape Town working towards shifting cultural behaviour of water consumption?
  • Roundtable with country spotlight sessions, sharing investment opportunities and projects that are making the greatest difference to Africa’s water sector. Countries in focus will be Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Egypt, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Singapore, Dubai, Denmark, Singapore and Israel.
  • A debate on the pricing methods for the continent’s water
  • Panel discussion: What does a bankable project look like in the water sector?

The full interviews with Claire Janisch and more expert speakers can be read here:

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