Freshwater is often one of the first victims of climate change according to the Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC).

The GAfWaC recently participated in the 8th World Water Forum with a presentation entitled Water and Adaptation to Climate Change which sought to address the issue of adaptation, which is now essential due to the effects of climate change on freshwater resources.

The presentation made recommendations which included mobilisation at a global level to urgently implement programs necessary to prevent and adapt to the effects of global warming on freshwater resources.

Nature-based solutions

In addition the GAfWaC encouraged stakeholders at all levels to include Nature-Based Solutions in an ambitious way in their policies and strategies for combating climate change, in land-use planning and water resources management.

“The achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and the implementation of the Paris Agreement require a significant acceleration and increase in funding from all sources for climate action in the water sector.”

Funding the fight for freshwater resources

The body noted that financial institutions need to clarify the directions of their climate-related funding and the mechanisms to be used for applications. “Their funding should not only support infrastructure projects, but also serve to improve knowledge of water resources and climate change impacts, capacity building, governance, monitoring and evaluation of policies.”

“It is also advisable to recognise and reinforce the essential role of river basin organisations in the sustainable management of water resources, especially transboundary water resources, by financially supporting joint projects to face climate change,” it added.

“The effective participation and mobilisation of civil society as a whole (local authorities, economic stakeholders, associations, etc.) must be guarantied in decision-making and management processes. All these partners’ access to information, training and environmental education needs to be improved, the GAfWaC concluded.

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