Water solutions providers are coming together to assist in providing quality water for the City of Cape Town through its emergency desalination plant at the V&A Waterfront.

The City’s landmark desalination project, supported by SBS Tanks, Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) and Osmoflo,  involves a fully containerised 2 MLD seawater reverse osmosis and multimedia filtration plant, which is made up of seven containers that will be able to deliver two-million-litres of water per day.

Delayne Gray, Managing Director of SBS Tanks, says this is a true unifying venture where collaboration is key for a project of this scale to be successfully rolled out. “The urgency of the situation in the Cape shows how much can be achieved when powerful companies pull together,” he adds.

Working with the world’s best

The City of Cape Town’s dire need to augment water sources has been a major driving force behind the urgency of the project, which has been met by some of the world’s best in the water industry.

SBS Tanks came to the party with over 20 years’ experience and thousands of tank installations around the world to ensure that the plant’s high-quality water storage needs were met.

Three different tanks were needed to provide a massive 436 000 litres of water for the various stages of the reverse osmosis and filtration process.

Working swiftly

The project has been a prime example of swift operations, with the seven containers being shipped from Dubai to Cape Town in less than a month, and thereafter the setup at the Waterfront achieved in under 8 weeks.

“It is projects such as this, where the true need for access to water is so significantly pronounced, that are the most rewarding and we are committed to the success of this partnership,” concludes Gray.