Pikitup says it is pulling out all the stops to eradicate incidents of littering and illegal dumping. 

In addition to its work on the City of Johannesburg’s A Re Sebetseng Campaign the waste management company is calling on residents to make use of its free bulk waste disposal service.

Pikitup introduced the free bulky service in 2016 with the aim reducing and ultimately eradicating illegal dumping.

“The free bulky service must be used for large waste items such as old mattresses, old furniture, fridges and large electronic waste materials such as washing machines, dishwashers and freezers,” Pikitup notes.

Residents who want to dispose of bulky waste from their households are urged to contact the nearest Pikitup depot in their area or use the nearest garden site. Pikitup will then collect and dispose of the waste material in an appropriate manner.

Diverting waste from landfill

“The objective of this initiative is to divert recyclables away from the landfill sites thus increasing landfill airspace and increasing the lifespan of existing landfills,” the company explains.

“Pikitup through such initiatives is trying to divert 97% of waste away from landfill sites,”

This is in line with its strategic objective of encouraging Johannesburg resident to recycle more and to dispose of waste in a responsible manner.

In order to access this service, residents are required to log a call at any Pikitup depot, the responsible Depot Manager will book a call and arrange for a free, once a month bulky waste service to collect the bulk waste.




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