An Australian based company is experimenting with the idea of using insects like maggots to take waste from supermarkets or farms and turn it into something that livestock could eat.

Olympia Yarger, Chief Executive at GoTerra told ABC News Australia the company expects to process approximately 200 tonnes of waste this year, turning it into chicken food.

“We’re providing a sustainable solution for food waste management, an alternative livestock feed compound and we are decentralising waste management and managing food and effluent waste by doing it onsite,” Yarger explained.

The company cultivates the larvae of the black soldier fly, raising them on waste streams.

Yarger said the larvae can process grape marc (what is left over from the grapes after pressing), pumpkins and unsold food from the retail sector and do it in a surprisingly clean way.

A multi-million dollar industry

Insect recycled waste is fast becoming a multi-million dollar industry but experts say they can see some big challenges for the sector as most countries lack a regulatory framework that can handle the potential risks.

Countries that are getting involved in the trend with big investments include China, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and South Africa.

ABC News Australia


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