Technology has had a dramatic impact on the way South Africans relate to and manage their vehicles.

Vehicle tracking has long been a staple of South African life, and advancements like smartphones and apps are fast changing how consumers interact with their service providers and their cars.

Today car owners are turning to the data collected from their tracking devices to take charge of their vehicles maintenance and use even if they aren’t behind the wheel themselves.

Cartrack South Africa CEO, Andre Ittmann, says the combination of smartphones and apps has fundamentally shifted both vehicle security and fleet management.

“For us, our app is a critical part of our business, as it ensures that we can fulfil a core service to our customers in that they are able to have first-hand knowledge of their vehicles’ status and more effective control of their fleets. Ultimately, these capabilities are a key factor in any modern fleet management service, as it guarantees that our customers benefit simultaneously from control, convenience and improved efficiency.”

Easy to use

Cartrack customers can easily download the company’s app from the app store within seconds. Customers will then receive an email containing all the app information they need, including their login details once they have successfully installed a tracking unit on their vehicle.

Once logged in, the app allows account holders to monitor the status of any number of vehicles attached to the account. The real-time position of the vehicle is shown on a map, while the user can also examine any trips taken previously, including departure and arrival times, trip distance, duration and odometer readings.

Additionally, those dealing with insurance companies as a result of an accident will have valuable information about the vehicle’s last position before an accident or event, resulting in claims processes being far faster and easier than before.

Excelling in the technology sphere

“The scope of application on the app is truly remarkable,” he says adding that the company intends to continue excelling in the technology sphere.

“Moving forward, we intend to maintain the tremendous strides we’ve made in technological development and ensure that our end-users benefit from a device that further enhances their relationship with our company and offers numerous personal and financial advantages,” Ittmann concludes.



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